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The Democrats Want to "Freeze" Property Taxes? Seriously?

No, not seriously.

As you know, the #1 issue in all New Jersey political races is Property Taxes.  Whether it is here in Old Bridge, at the County level or at the State, every political discussion leads to a discussion on property taxes.  Property taxes in our town are of course a huge concern for our citizens.  I have spoken to thousands of residents over the course of this campaign and there is a recurring and consistent message;get the Property Tax situation under control.  I agree.  In fact, one of the main reasons I got involved and decided to run for Mayor was my frustration with the tax and spend mentality of the Democrats, and in particular my opponent (the Interim Mayor).

Since the Democrats have been in control, Property Taxes here in Old Bridge have risen 40%!  Which is why I was curious when I saw my opponent putting out lawn signs and making you tube videos about how he was going to Freeze property taxes?  Did my opponent finally see the light and realize that our residents are being squeezed and strangled by these huge increases?  HARDLY.  My opponent is not only un-willing to freeze property taxes, he is also unable.

Old Bridge faces a $7M - $8M budget deficit starting in Jan 2012 that the Interim Mayor helped to create.  He has no plan to resolve this huge gap except to say he will employ a 60 year old budgeting technique (Zero Based Budgeting) and complain to Trenton that Old Bridge needs more funding.  That doesn’t sound like a man with a plan to freeze taxes.  Further, he has demonstrated his un-willingness to get serious about taxes through various recent actions he has taken, here are a few;

  • Voted to deplete the OBMUA reserve two years in a row $1.4M & $1.3M respectively
  • Voted to sell Township land to the OBMUA for $5.6M to plug a budget gap under the pre-text of reducing water rates 25 years from now!  Land you paid for with your Water & Sewer bills!
  • Proposed a plan during the FY 2010 budget discussions to defer making pension payments that would have cost the Township an additional $1M.  Fortunately, even members of his own party thought that was a bad idea and voted against it.

What Old Bridge needs is a REAL PLAN and I have one.  I call it “A Framework for Change – Putting Old Bridge Back on the Right Track”.  It is a 6-point plan, with very specific ideas on how to grow this town, get efficient and become more resident friendly.  I like to say it is a fluid document that can change over time with input from you, the residents.  You can find our plan on our website www.oldbridgerepublicans.com and I’d love to hear your ideas.

The bottom line is, I am going to run this Township and my administration like a business.  You are my customers, I am going to be honest with you, not make un-realistic promises I can’t keep, but I will be the hardest working Mayor this town has seen in a long time.  With your help, we can turn this town around and we can stabilize taxes.  It’s going to take a good deal of hard work, that’s why I’d ask you to  support my running mates, Brian Cahill, Debbie Walker and Jim Anderson.  All fine individuals with terrific business sense who know how to get things done.  It would be an honor to be your Mayor.

Owen Henry – Republican Candidate for Mayor


The Old Bridge Democrats Smear Machine is in Full Spew Mode

As I predicted in one of my blog posts “The Adults in the Room”, the Democrats in Old Bridge have already resorted to smear tactics and it’s still September!  Over the weekend, we were informed that the Democrats hired a firm out of New York to do what is referred to as “Push Polling”.

A Push Poll is a political campaign technique in which an individual or organization attempts to influence or alter the view of respondents under the guise of conducting a poll. In a push poll, large numbers of voter are contacted and little or no effort is made to collect and analyze response data. Instead, the push poll is a form of telemarketing-based propaganda and rumor mongering, masquerading as a poll.

The Democrats, in this Push Poll, made up lies and distortions about our Mayoral Candidate Owen Henry.  Yesterday, I sent out a Telephonic message to all of the Residents of Old Bridge to let them know what was occurring.  I sent this message to Democrats, Independents and Republicans because I felt all fair-minded people, regardless of Party Affiliation, are tired of this type of ugly politics.

Here’s a message to the Democrats (and we know you view our website), stop running away from your record and let’s have an open and honest debate about the issues that most affect our residents.  Stop trying to smear good people, in a vain attempt to hold onto power.  Let’s have a debate on how you created a $7-8M budget deficit; let’s talk about a Lifetime Health Care ordinance that has outraged the Public; let’s discuss how you have taken millions from the OBMUA causing it to be financially unstable.

Let’s have a debate on the issues...if you dare.

Councilman Brian Cahill


The Adults in the Room

Labor Day is behind us and as such, we have officially begun the home stretch of our campaign which concludes on Tuesday November 8th

Post Labor Day, also signifies the start of the silly season wherein the Democrats will roll out their propaganda machine and start to spew the normal garbage about our candidates.  Owen, Debbie, Jim and I will be vilified and blamed for all the ills affecting our town because, quite frankly, the Democrats cannot run on the issues.

The Democrats in Old Bridge have done significant and long lasting damage to our town.  Through years and years of malfeasance, they have left the Township with a $7 – 8M debt starting in 2012. 

They have sold off Township land, used one-shot revenue schemes to balance bloated budgets, decimated the OBMUA causing Water and Sewer rates to rise and have continually raised Municipal Taxes. 

Is that a record you would brag about? Of course not.

At our Headquarters Grand Opening last night, I was asked about what the Republican plan would be if we were elected.  I answered the question posed to me in great specificity; highlighting our goals of reducing duplicative and redundant processes, growing our Revenue base by making Old Bridge a business friendly Town, all in the context of short term stabilization of Township finances with a not so long term goal of driving down the Municipal tax rate.

It occurred to me as I was explaining our positions, that we (the Republicans) would in affect be the Adults in the room.  We would need to be the Adults that say No to special interests, No to one shot revenue deals, No to frivolous spending. This will definitely be a shock to the system.   

Our Township has been run like a kid in a candy store for 16 years under Democratic rule and there are some that will resist this change. That’s ok, we didn’t get involved thinking this was going to be easy.  Turning around 16 years of mismanagement is going to be hard, but that’s what we signed up for.  It’s time for the Adults.

Brian J. Cahill – Councilman at Large